"If I weren't a broker… I’d be a hostage negotiator."


"Buying or selling a home is a major decision. I help sellers effectively market their properties with the most competitive pricing, then find the most qualified buyer for a fast sale. I guide buyers through the complex real estate maze and negotiate the best deal possible to ensure they get their dream home. If I weren't a broker… I’d be a hostage negotiator! I love working through challenging, high-pressure situations. My goal is to make sure things go according to plan and end with a great outcome.”

Toni Martin is more than a broker—she’s a best-in-class expert who knows New York City real estate hands down. From condos to rentals, residential to commercial and everything in between, she has the experience, skills and knowledge to get the results you need.

 Toni is proud to lead a team of real estate experts who are redefining what it means to put clients first. With a collective background in business, advertising, finance, technology, and of course real estate, working with Toni Martin Associates guarantees the ultimate in service… and success.


CONTACT TONI: Toni.Martin@Corcoran.com | 718-288-7703

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